A Sinful Treat


Food alert, anyone?



Chewy junior's cream puff

There’s this GINORMOUS cream puff at Chewy Junior, that will make you forget about counting those calories.
With a crispy bite on the outside and thick, creamy filling on the inside–exciting! A totally sinful dessert, yet having just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect for those sweet cravings, and for all ages and stripes!

With just a few bites, I was hooked and I could’ve ordered a baker’s dozen. There are so many exciting flavors to choose from. Can’t decide? Grab a dozen, no regrets!

You’ll be back for more

chewy junior, sgWent out for food tripping, and guess what was introduced to me?
Exactly, Chewy junior’s cream puff! At a very reasonable price and such a delightful treat. With all fourteen flavors to choose from–confusion kicks in. Then again, keeps me coming back for more.

Available in Manila

Chewy Junior
2/F Trinoma Mall,
North Avenue Corner EDSA,
Quezon City



About cracknberries

I'm a marshmallow,a softy--a twinkie. I'm surviving the world; and battling for my materialistic desires :) spread the love!:D
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