Gone Green, Gone Vegan

Like all children, I normally chowed down on bacon, hot dogs

Occasionally Vegan

Go Green!

, and all those other canned stuff and processed meat–you know the “real food”, cause that’s what food eats 🙂

Candies and chips were a common food trip to have; sweets in colorful delights, would always interest me, but never did those green leafy vegetables! Just by the way it looked, I had that imaginary taste that it would taste bitter and boring–no thrill at all!
But that was what I thought, not until I found out that you could have these vegetables in such a delectable way.–exciting!
well, now we’re talking!

try this:

Stuffed Bitter Melon with Eggplant

4 bitter melon, reg. sized, cut into 4 pieces
3 tbsp shrimp fry
1 cup pork (cut into small pieces)
6 eggplants (cut into 4 pieces)
5 to 6 tomatoes, reg. sized, sliced
1 onion, sliced
2 pieces garlic, crushed

do the cooking:

Take a frying pan and saute tomatoes, garlic, onion, shrimp fry and pork. Do not cook thoroughly, when it is half done, add bitter melon and eggplant with 1 cup water. Season to taste and simmer until cooked.

These were some bitter melon recipes that you can use to get your family members to eat this bitter vegetable. These days, all of us are satiating are taste buds with the wrong food most of the time, making the above bitter melon recipes the perfect way to get some healthy food to our body. So, what are you waiting for! Try the above bitter melon recipes and get healthy!

source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/bitter-melon-recipes.html


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I'm a marshmallow,a softy--a twinkie. I'm surviving the world; and battling for my materialistic desires :) spread the love!:D
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One Response to Gone Green, Gone Vegan

  1. Veggies are good, but i can’t live only eating them.

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