Your Mom is on Facebook!

Hey mom, are you online?

Geezus Mom!

Everyone’s on Facebook, it’s a total hit!–You got Facebook, all your friends are on it, and so are your cousins and teachers; but that’s no biggie. Suddenly your mom knows about it, and tells you: “Can teach me how to use Facebook?” And so you teach her, but at the back of your mind, your like; “aren’t you too old for this?(does it have an age limit?) And so she’d definitely add you first.

Out of nowhere, she’d comment on all your pictures and tells you how good looking you are. Embarrassing much? Or is your momma proud too much? Tell me. I see it all the time on from my friends pages. If my mom would be on Facebook, I’d make another account and be sure she would’t add me. Good thing she’s always busy, keeps me away from that awkward OMG-MY-MOM-IS-ON-FACEBOOK-NOW-I-HAVE-TO-ACT-NORMAL feeling.


About cracknberries

I'm a marshmallow,a softy--a twinkie. I'm surviving the world; and battling for my materialistic desires :) spread the love!:D
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